Top 5 android apps

Top 5 android apps

Since the beginning of the smartphone industry there has been a great has been a great rise of the android operating system.

Today more than 70% of the smartphones in the market have the android operating system. To facilitate daily tasks companies and programmers from all over the world have created awesome applications for the users. These apps have revolutionized the way we use mobile phones and have had a great impact in our daily lives. Some apps have brought the whole internet and the desktop in the hands of the mobile user enabling them to do anything they want right in their hands.

With millions of apps on the android play store an android user has millions of options to their tasks. We will help you chose some of this apps daily by sending you 7 free android apps right on your email account every day, just visit this homepage and subscribe to their newsletter.

The most downloaded and the top 5 android apps

Among the millions of application on the store the most downloaded and the top 5 android apps are:

  • Gmail and Google Calendar:
    • The revolutionary email application from Google is the most used application on the smartphone and along with it stands the most hyped calendar application. These two applications are provided for free by Google and have billions of accounts in every nook and corner of the world. The smartphone makes it much easier for its users to chat and mail directly in real-time.
  • Yahoo mail:
    • It is the second most used email application in the world and boasts of users more than Microsoft and other email clients. Its android app is among the most downloaded applications from the android web store. Along with it the yahoo chat rooms are also among the most used applications on android. Yahoo has been developing native android applications but due to heavy competition from Google and other application development companies.
  • Google Maps:
    • The most used mapping service is now available on your smartphone. You can easily look up any place and also view objects in 3D. Google street view enables you to roam around any of the several popular cities anytime of the day you want. Along with it the GPS tracks your location accurate up to 10 meters. No need to get any guides when you are travelling and no need to look up for information from phonebooks and local guides. With Google maps and Google itself you have everything right in your hands.
  • Ever note:
    • It is the most popular note taking application and now it is available on android. It is among the most downloaded applications on the android web store and also the most used note taking application voted by users. It has helped a lot of people since its inception in managing their notes and required information by synchronizing all data to their online server and making the data available on any platform and place the users want.
  • Google Voice:
    • The innovative technology from Google that allows you to search by your voice has found its way into the android OS. It is available as an inbuilt application that already comes with the device that you buy. Other Google applications are also inbuilt application except a few ones that need to be downloaded. Google voice has been transforming the way people search with the help of superior voice recognition and other related technologies from Google.

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